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Suelain Moy

Wordsmith at the speed of light.

I navigate the parallel universes of digital content creation and curation, copywriting, and books. Nouns usually associated with me: senior copywriter, author, news gatherer, subject line wrangler.

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The Bump

Game of Thrones Baby Names, Because Baby Is Coming

Give baby a name fit for the Iron Throne.

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The Fiscal Times

Innovative Airports You Won’t Mind Getting Stuck In

Butterfly gardens, breweries, and more await you.

Usa fortune cookie article
The Fiscal Times

Born in the USA: 24 Iconic American Foods

Our nation’s appetite for new tastes has produced a history of culinary firsts.

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The Fiscal Times

What Your Smartphone Knows That Your Mother Doesn't

The data is in the details.

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The Fiscal Times

You Won't Believe What Some Job Seekers Are Putting on Their Resumes

Here are the resume blunders that will make you unforgettable and unemployable.

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Treating Bipolar Disorder: Part 2 with Dr. Candida Fink

We sit down with Dr. Candida Fink to discuss the latest treatment options..

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The Fiscal Times

If You Can't Afford Good Day Care, Here's Why

The things you do for your kids.

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Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder: Part 1 with Dr. Candida Fink

A world that thrives on intensity and risk-taking can make diagnosis more difficult.

Standing desks article
The Fiscal Times

10 Trends Transforming the American Workplace

Bye-bye, voice mail.

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Baby Names Inspired by Television

Your favorite TV characters are popping up on birth certificates.

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Royal Baby Names for Boys

This name is shared by a world conqueror, three emperors, assorted kings, and eight popes.

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The Fiscal Times

New Chuck Taylors Are Coming: 15 Things to Know

Someone buys a new pair of Converse All Stars every 43 seconds.

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The Fiscal Times

7 Risky Results from Getting Too Little Sleep


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Flower Baby Names for Girls

Soft and delicate as a petal, flower names names can be surprisingly hardy and enduring.